Want to buy a frequency controllerfrequency controller from an expert in drive technology?

Looking to buy a frequency controllerfrequency inverter to control the speed of your industrial installation and cut back on your energy consumption simply and easily? Motoren Françoys in MelleMotoren Françoys has actively been selling and servicing electric drives since 1991 for various sectors and applications. Our large network of leading suppliers and our internal technicians enable us to offer industrial end-users high quality installations and respond quickly to any breakdowns.

A selection from our wide range

Control Techniques is just like Leroy Somer part of NIDEC and has a wide range of frequency inverters on offer. We have all the drives in stock in Melle and can take care of on-site commissioning if necessary.

For maximum machine performance in open loop vector or sensorless motor control (RFC-A).

Features of this Control Techniques frequency inverter

  • flexible integration through many available field buses
  • logic blocks, PID, Motorpot
  • thermistor input
  • PLC onboard (CoDeSys)
  • SD card optional to store parameters and/or PLC programmes and copy them
  • 24 V backup option
  • RS485/Modbus RTU option
  • diagnostic tool application (via Google Play and App Store)

View the Control Techniques brochure for more information or see how a frequency inverter is installed.

Omron is a leading global player in the automation field. For more than 5 years already we have been relying on the user-friendly, efficient and easily available frequency inverters offered by Omron.

Features of this compact and complete Omron frequency inverter:

  • integrated PID, ideal for pumps and fans in closed loop
  • option to control 2 alternating running motors
  • reliable, hardware-based emergency stop
  • long service life due to:
    o integrated on/off temperature control of the fan
    o automatic suppression of micro voltage spikes, PTC thermistor input and overload detection

Technical data:

  • 2 kW – 2.2 kW (220 V)
  • 2 kW – 7.5 kW (3 x 400 V)
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • V/F control
  • built-in EMC filter
  • PTC thermistor input
  • Modbus communication

View the Omron JX frequency inverter brochure for more information.

At Motoren Françoys you can also buy a Parker frequency inverter, of which we are the official distributor in Belgium. This North American manufacturer offers a number of industrial solutions, including simple frequency inverters, at competitive prices.

Ideal when combined with an IE2 motor.

Easy commissioning:

  • ready to install, direct wall mounting, both indoors and outdoors
  • simple electrical connection thanks to removable terminal board
  • easy to use keyboard, integrated macros and quick start guide make it easy to configure

Excellent control:

  • dynamic speed and torque control by sensorless vector control
  • for applications with bigger inertia, additional power is possible: 150% overload for 60 seconds at 0.5 Hz
  • high speed operations up to 590 Hz for spindles, centrifuges or mixer

Additional options that can be integrated:

  • load switch
  • push-buttons or switches
  • indicator light(s)

Technical data:

  • 4 – 2.2 kW (220 V)
  • 75 – 15 kW (3 x 400 V)
  • operates between 0 and 50 °C
  • resolution 0.01 Hz
  • 2 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output, 6 digital inputs, 1 digital output, 1 potential-free contact

For more information, please refer to the AC10-IP66 series brochure.

We are also a distributor for Siemens low-voltage drives. The Siemens Integrated Drive System (IDS) requires reduced engineering time and delivers the highest level of energy efficiency in the market.

Buy a frequency inverter from Motoren Françoys

Frequency inverters have a wide range of application. You can choose to replace your current device with a new system, or you can have your legacy drive repaired or retrofitted. Motoren Françoys will advise you on the frequency inverter best suited for your purpose, and will design and build the control box. After that, our experienced technicians will visit you and put your frequency inverter into operation. We can also help you with complete automation, including the communication of various drives.

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